Kobe Beef

Kobe Beef And Kobe Beef Steak PricesĀ  By: Gen Wright

"very marbled cuts of Kobe tenderloin"People have many ways of experiencing luxury in life. Cars, jewelry, real estate properties, vacations and so many other things say it all. And when it comes to food, there’s nothing more extravagant and tastefully luxurious than Kobe beef. Recognized by Gourmets and Food connoisseurs all around the world, Kobe beef is known to be the most flavorful, tender and succulent meat on planet Earth. Produced from Wagyu (Japanese Cattle), the Kobe beef brings about a more refined taste compared to most American beef steaks. It’s because the cattle, raised in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan with Kobe as the capital, is well cared for and fed with nothing but beer and grains. They are constantly massaged and their hairs are brushed with sake mash with the belief that caring for the fur and the skin of the cows help enhance the quality of the meat that is to be produced.

Because of the land where the cattle are exclusively raised, and the grain used to feed them, Kobe beef turns out to be quite expensive. It is often used today to prepare a supremely tender Kobe beef steak. But no matter how expensive, chefs and food enthusiasts all around the world demand for the Wagyu beef (other name for Kobe) because of its superior quality and how it exquisitely satisfies every one’s appetite. More often than not, the Kobe beef price is ignored so long as it equates to satisfaction.

What also makes the Wagyu beef perfect for steaks is its high marble score. It also has higher yield grade compared to other domestic cattle. Wagyu beef each has a different Kobe beef price depending on the cut. The Kobe beef filet mignon steak sells at about $300 per 10 ounces. It’s one of the juiciest and most tender steaks and it marvelously rich as it is taken from the heart of the short loin part. The Kobe beef porterhouse steaks sell at about $200 for 2 24-ounce pieces. The porterhouse steak is cut from short loin and a portion of it comes from Tenderloin and Strip loin. It is also generously marbled and utterly decadent. One the other hand, the flat iron steaks have a Kobe beef price of about $100 for 4 pieces of 8-ounce cuts. The flat iron steak is known for having the tenderness of a rib eye and the tasty character of a sirloin steak. There is also what is called the Kobe Beef Tomahawk steaks that sell for a Kobe beef price of $150 for 2 30-ounce steak cuts. The Kobe beef tomahawk steak is also known as the cowboy steak. It has a he-man look cut, is richly marbled, and is often referred to as the serious steak for the steak lover.